Virtual & Hybrid Events Services

With over 25 years of experience, AVRENTAL has helped an extensive number of businesses connect with their audiences through LIVE, HYBRID and VIRTUAL experiences. 

We enable you to reach global audiences and connect meaningfully through virtual conferences, live and hybrid events.

Trusted by our clients, we look forward to assisting you with your event too.

Experts at Hybrid Events

As a leading live, virtual and hybrid events services provider, we strive to help event planners and brands communicate their message in a way that resonates with their audience. That’s why we’ve developed a range of virtual event solutions to complement our best in class live production expertise. When combined, you get the best technology and production support to deliver seamless hybrid events. The AVRENTAL difference is a seamless solution that meets your needs, supported by a trusted event production & technical team to guide you every step of the way.

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hybrid events
hybrid events
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Why hire our Hybrid Events Service?

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our hybrid event service use only the best tech in the industry. We know that the hybrid event quality is very important. That’s why we invest in the best studio lights, high-quality internet, power sources, audio equipment, live video mixing and HD or even 4K cameras. Sure, investing in better equipment can be costly, but it always conveys a much better result and the experience is always great thanks to that. Which is exactly the thing you want to take into consideration if you want do it right.

Technical Expertise

Hire professionals with wealth of experience to spot potential points of failure before it happens. Our team of experts will set up, test and ensure that everything works as expected for your event allowing you to present with confidence that everything will go as planned. Professional technical crew will handle recording, adding graphic inserts, scripting, planning, working with multiple speakers from different locations.

High Quality Video Streams

With the right hybrid event solution, audience are able to have a seamless experience. Our platform comes with integrated audience engagement tools and gated access controls so you private contents stays secure. Our hybrid event solution and platform can be used all types and sizes of events, since the infrastructure is very robust and we are using only the best equipment and technology in the market.


Email us anytime. We are more than happy to be able to assist with your event.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are always very competitive and the best value for what you get in terms of quality and reliability.

Robust Cloud-Based Platform

Our proprietary cloud-based platform offers various key features that will enable you to deliver a virtual event that’s engaging and insightful whilst supported by our team of experts. Below is an overview of some of the key features.

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Robust & Flexible
Hybrid Events Platform

Work with our flexible cloud-based proprietary platform that can easily scale to meet your complex production needs. Below are some of the key features.

Moderated Q&A Platform

Easy to use Q&A platform included. Take in questions from remote viewers in real time. Polling included. Speak to us for a demo. No physical voting pads needed.

Easy to Use Video Player

No complicated clicking around. If your colleagues have ever watched a Youtube video, they are able to setup the playback of the webcast webinar in your conference room. Plays back on smart phones so webcast viewers can watch from anywhere.

Global Streaming

Never having to worry that your stream is being blocked in any country. Tested to work in all countries. Functions the same no matter which country you are broadcasting, moderating or viewing from. Even China.

Re-streaming Feature

Restream to multiple Facebook timelines or social platforms concurrently.

Live Polling Platform

Solicit real-time live feedback from on location and global remote audience.

Unlimited Simultaneous Viewers

Never having to worry about how many viewers are able to view your live webcast or webinar.

Password Protected

Password protected video access ensures that only the right audience gets access.

Live Graphics Overlay

Superimpose live titles and graphics in your live video webcast or webinar that update with viewer’s reactions.

Free Voting Pads

Turn attendees’ mobile phones into virtual voting pads. Minimize logistics management.

Real-Time Analytics

Track viewership and reach with real-time analytics. Traffic sources, ip address, country and devices are all logged.

Pre-Registration Functionality

Built in pre-registration form allows collection of user data before allowing access to virtual events. Filter your audience.

Extensive Polling Features

  • Unlimited poll users
  • Real-time
  • Animated results graph
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited polling options
  • Fully responsive

Multiple Breakout Rooms

Allow remote presenters to stream video from their webcam remotely and host their own breakout rooms with built-in chat, Q&A and Poll functions. No need to have an audio visual team for each breakout room.

Built-In Chat

Allow attendees to chat and network within the virtual platform as if they are attending a real event with real-time chat and commenting.

Real-Time Video Streaming

With our new streaming technology, latency is reduced from 20 seconds to near instant. Imagine 20,000 people watching and participating in real-time.

We can help you with all types and sizes of hybrid events

hybrid events

Video Conferencing Event

Where presenters are not able to attend in person, TV screens are set up in a panel or round table setting where remote presenters are able to interact with on location panellist or audience.

Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Architecture and Sustainability Design summit is an hybrid event with on location attendees  and online attendees watching remotely. 

Both online and on location attendees are also able to submit questions via the Motion Media Works live question and answer moderated platform where panellist are able to respond to queries live. 

Panellists who are not able to attend the discussion in person are shown on TVs on stage via video conferencing. This allows more presenters and guests to your events without the expense of travel.

hybrid events

Multiple Country Connected Event

When multiple countries are congregated in their respective countries but seamlessly connected to each other in a telepresence setup. Looking at one projection screen feels like a portal to another country and different countries are able to seamlessly interact across vast distances as if everyone is in the same location.

Multiple countries are connected together in this IKEA business meeting. Different countries are seamlessly connected in a way that allows groups of people to connect, network and interact in a way that feels like everyone is in the same room despite being in different countries. 

hybrid events

Hybrid Networking Event
Virtual/Hybrid Platform

On location event with both physical audience and online audiences, both need to be allowed to watch the presentation, comment, ask questions, chat and network.

Redhat Sales Kick Off is a summit that was conducted virtually on the Motion Media Works virtual events platform. Features include real-time chat, integrated live streaming, built-in real-time question and answer functionality, voting and attendance tracking. 

Data is encrypted and attendees have individual login credentials so that confidential data stays private.

As we manage all the servers and have strict access control protocols in place, access to data is carefully controlled and irrevocably scrubbed at the end of the event at clients’ request.


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Past Hybrid & Livestream Events

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Benefits of Hybrid Events

Event planners who choose to go hybrid, get the benefit of both the in-person as well as virtual experience. Event planners are all aware of the benefits of the in-person experience so let’s look at what the virtual component can bring.

Increased Attendance

Eliminate travel and scheduling conflicts. While an in-person event or conference is often the most engaging, some people do not have the time or the ability to travel long distances to attend those events. Not to mention, sometimes, those in-person events can carry a pretty hefty price tag. Both factors can deter individuals from deciding to register for your event. With a hybrid event, however, those individuals may be more compelled to attend if they can do so from the comfort of their couch and for a much lower cost. Pivoting to hybrid can attract many more registrants than a solely in-person event.

Enhanced Content Engagement

When you host a hybrid event, you will be live streaming your speakers and sessions for virtual attendees to view. This allows you to record these sessions and send them out after the event. Attendees who couldn’t make certain sessions or simply want to rewatch and learn more now can engage with the content days or even weeks after the event is over. This will keep your event, and your company, in the minds of your attendees long after the event has concluded.


Now that your event is hybrid, your sponsors have the opportunity to get in front of your in-person AND your virtual attendees. That is double the exposure they had before. Hosting part of your event in a digital environment creates new opportunities for brand awareness and lead generation. By offering your sponsors more value, your event will attract more sponsorship dollars and even more sponsors. This can help to offset the technical costs of running a hybrid event.

Lower Carbon Footprint

By reducing the number of onsite attendees, your event’s carbon footprint will also decrease. There will be less travel by attendees, fewer meals thrown away, and less transportation of rental chairs and tables. Your company will not only be positioned as an event powerhouse but also as an environmentally conscious organisation.