Rent Camera

rent camera

Rent camera for live webcasting, event live video feed and streaming or cinema cameras for creating marketing videos, pre-recorded videos with cinematic looks. 

Reduce labour with remotely operated cameras. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras from your streaming control room without having a camera operator viewing the audience at your hybrid event.

Rent Camera & Accessories

rent camera - ux180 Camera Rental Singapore

Rent Panasonic UX180 Professional SDI and XLR connections


rent camera - canon c100 m2 Camera Rental Singapore

Rent Canon C100


Sony A7III camera rental singapore

Rent Sony A7 III


Red Epic Dragon Camera Rental Singapore

Rent Red Epic Dragon Cinema Camera



Rent Birddog P200 PTZ Camera


Optional Add-on $200: Laptop with Router

Pre-configured so that you can control the camera out of the box. No need for complicated setups and configuration when trying to plug the camera to your corporate network. This forms its own secure isolated network.

Save on labour costs. Control multiple cameras with one control panel. No need for camera operators to stand around all day.

Rent Gimble Stabiliser DJI RS 3 PRO


  • Automated Axis Locks
  • Extended Carbon Fiber Axis Arms
  • 4.5kg (10lbs) Tested Payload
  • Dynamic & Versatile Solution

Other Related Services

rent teleprompter


Rent Teleprompter to aid presenters in reading a script while maintaining eye contact with the audience. This allows presentations to be more natural and fluid as it removes the need for presenters to consult their written notes or wreck their brains memorizing a script.

rent tv

TV Screens

Add TV screens as confidence monitors so that presenters can present with confidence knowing what slides are being shown on the projector as they face the audience.

hybrid events

Hybrid Events

Rent equipment needed for Hybrid events or video conferencing events. We have been supplying audio visual equipment for live and hybrid events for over 25 years.

Temporary Broadband

Uninterrupted internet connection for video conferencing events though Zoom, Webex, MS Teams or to our live webcasting platform. Avoid outage from telco service disruption.

Rent Sound System & Speakers

Sound System & Speakers

Add sound system and speakers to your live events with multiple input sources from laptop, mic, and you audio or video playlist.