Rent Column Speakers

Rent Column Speakers, just because great sound should be heard and not seen

Discreet and tucked away speakers that perform in the background letting your content be the star of the show. 1 pair serves a small function room. 2 pairs for optimum coverage. 

This LD Systems Maui 5 800 watt column speaker delivers powerful, high-quality sound in a surprisingly lightweight, ultra-compact and easy to use, all-in-one form factor.

Speaker comes with wireless handheld analog mic.

1 Column Speaker with 1 wireless mic: $250/day 

2 Column Speakers with 2 wireless mics: $400/day 

4 Column Speakers with 2 wireless mics: $550/day 

Free delivery, setup and collection

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Affordable and High Quality Audio System Rental

What audio system will be best suited for your event? Let us help with that. We are only a text message away.


Get your items delivered and set up on time without worrying about punctuality.


WhatsApp us anytime. We are more than happy to be able to assist with your event.


Our crew have seen all types of connections & can make sure the audio equipment works for your setup.

Competitive pricing

Prices are the best value for what you get in terms of quality and reliability.

HASSle Free

We are only a WhatsApp or phone call away for all your Audio System rental needs.